If you thought traffic on the I-74 bridge was a pain, it just became a bit tougher.

Crews started shutting down lanes at 2 a.m. near 7th Avenue and 19th Street according to our news partners, Local 4 News.

Around 80,000 drivers travel across this bridge everyday and now we're down a lane and up several detours.
With one lane down, drivers can expect heavy traffic and delays of up to 30 minutes.

Local traffic moving to downtown Moline and Bettendorf will be rerouted to certain sections of I-74 via local roads and you'll still have access to businesses and upcoming events; it's just going to be a bit more tricky to get there.

Moline Police tell Local 4 News they'll be doing everything to keep traffic moving as smoothly as possible.

Make sure you're watching out for those signs and detours, giving yourself extra time and taking big deep breaths.

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