I'm pretty indifferent to fireworks. I understand some folks get a kick out of them, but when your use begins to affect your neighbors ability to get a good night's sleep then a line of inconsideration has been crossed.

Yesterday, I told you about Davenport City Council's decision to ban fireworks use after a raucous weekend of what many consider abuse of the state's new regulations for use.

The Quad City Times reports that Bettendorf is now ready to consider a ban as well after fielding hundreds of complaints from residents tired of the noise during all hours of the night.

The state law passed earlier this year permitted fireworks use during a fixed window of time on a limited number of dates surrounding the July 4th and New Year's holidays.

But many residents throughout the Quad Cities -- including me -- are a little miffed at folks setting off some pretty serious fireworks quite late into the night, well outside of the set hours.

The Times report says that Bettendorf hopes to work with Davenport and Scott County to come up with a uniform set of standards.

Here's hoping they also develop some strict penalties to curtail use that's disruptive to the rest of us.

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