We here at US 104.9 with UScellular want to say congratulations to Brett Bell in Davenport on being this month's 'Hardest Working American In The Quad Cities' Thank you for making the QCA a great place!

We here at US 104.9 alongside US Cellular want to thank all those hard-working men and women right here in the Quad Cities with our 'Hardest Working American In The Quad Cities' spotlight. If you know someone who truly works hard in the QC, just like this Brett, you can learn how to nominate below!

About Brett Bell:

Brett is another hard-working American in the QCA. When I met Brett he was still working! He goes out of his way to help others including his neighbors. Brett has an amazing family, and his hard work is truly noticed by all.


The Nomination:

Brett's wife nominated him for this month.

My husband's name is Brett Bell he is 53 years old and he is a very hard working man. He has been working hard and barely taken any days off since he was a teenager. He had driven a semi truck for several years and missed out on a lot of family things and our daughter growing up, in order to support our family. He has since got off the road and has been installing flooring for 26 years and was able to start Custom Floors LLC, his own business! He works most of the time 7 days a week and his knees and hands can show for that. His back and shoulders are hurting him constantly, but he still gets up every morning around 4-5 am to be to the customers home and start his day at around 7:30 am. He has recently been doing his work and also now covering Cedar Rapids, because they lost their installers up there. He is so exhausted when he gets home he sits in his chair and falls asleep. When he gets home from work he will help our friends, who are our neighbors as well and often need his help. I call him the jack-of-all-trades because he can do almost anything that needs done. If anyone ever needs help, even after a hard day at work, he will never say no! I love him so much and worry about him all the time. Hopefully some day he can slow down, he deserves it. Unfortunately he probably won't be able to retire so I would love for him to at least be recognized for the amazing hard working man he is.

We here at US 104.9 and UScellular  want to thank Brett for all his hard work! If you ever see Brett (he'll probably be working) let him know he's doing great work!

How To Nominate:

Each month we will pick a person to visit on the job and thank them for their hard work. We pick these QC residents based on your nomination. We all know someone who gives it their all.  It can be a family member, partner, friend, or just someone you know who deserves to be recognized. You can nominate them below.

Click here to nominate!

Winners will take home US 104.9 Swag AND $100 Cash. Thank you to Brett Bell for all that you do from US104.9 and US Cellular.

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