Let's start with a big congratulations to Bree from all of us here at US 104.9!

We here at US 104.9 alongside UScellular want to thank all those hard-working men and women right here in the Quad Cities with our 'Hardest Working American In The Quad Cities' spotlight. If you know someone who truly works hard in the QC, just like this Bree you can learn how to nominate below!

About Bree

Marco and Bree were very excited to share the story. Here it is.

Bree has big dreams of creating more ways to reach people and I always want to take those dreams and amplify them, so we dove all in. We created Breealizations, (shorts that share life stories and how to flip the script on how you look at your life) after her group and 1-1 coaching seasons were going so well. She wanted to share what works there with more people and we thought that was a great way to do it! She was also a presenter at the Iowa Music Awards which brought on another opportunity with T1 Entertainment and The Sound Box recording studio out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Bree pitched her idea for the podcast she had been dreaming up for two years, The One Where We Met, and it took off from there. I dove in and learned the editing side while she got to work setting up her guest list. The interviews that she has done have been nothing short of magic. Creating a safe space to talk about life- who we are and how we became who we are. The first episode will be available everywhere you can find a podcast, and you will be able to find links at justbreehlc.com in early January. She is also getting ready to hit the stage and take Breealizations to the world of motivational speaking while working on her third book. She is also very active on Instagram and Facebook and would love to see you there! You can find her by searching for Justbreehlc (Bree Marie). She also has a Facebook group, Brain Gains, for motivation and inspiration!


They have done every part of this with little or no money; no publisher, no computer guru, nothing. We learned how to do it all and find our people along the way. Bree was put on this earth to help and heal people; to bring more sunshine into the room. She has worked harder than anyone I know, to make this happen.

The Nomination

Here was what Marco first wrote to us.

My partner, Bree, HAS to be one of the hardest working American's in all of the Quad Cities, which is also where we are both from. After getting into a motorcycle accident last year in June, Bree decided that it was time for a change. She realized that it was time for her to lean into her calling, so she enrolled in Health & Life coaching and dove all in. After being in school for a few months she saw that WW(formally Weight Watchers) was looking for a coach, again she dove all in. She is literally changing those peoples’ lives; ask them, they'll tell you. The way she does things is just different, her words are different. So, she wrote a book; The Accident: How to Shake the Sh!t Out of Your Life, which is exactly what it sounds like. It shows you repeated patterns and how to get out of them. Then she wrote Young Writers Day: Fragile Minds and the Adults That Mold Them, which is about childhood traumas and lessons on how to let them go and start to heal. That all happened in 10 months. If that wasn't enough, we took those books on the Failforward Book Tour in her grammas '97 Grand Marquis, with no A/C, over 4,500 miles, across 14 states, in August. During this time, we only slept in our tent or car. Once we got back it was time to get the Breealizations podcast going, so we dove all in. We have done every part of this with little or no money; no publisher, no computer guru, nothing. We learned how to do it all. Bree was put on this earth to help and heal people; to bring more sunshine into the room. She has worked harder than anyone I know, to make this happen. Thanks to Paula Sands Live, her story has reached many more people! We love country music and we really love that we finally have another option to listen to it!

You can tell they truly believe in what they are doing and working hard to accomplish their goals! Congrats again to Bree!

How To Nominate:

Each month we will pick a person to visit on the job and thank them for their hard work. We pick these QC residents based on your nomination. We all know someone who gives it their all. It can be a family member, partner, friend, or just someone you know who deserves to be recognized. You can nominate them below.

Click here to nominate!

Winners will take home US 104.9 Swag AND $100 Cash. Thank you to Bree for all that you do from US104.9 and UScellular.

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