Let's start with a big congratulations to Christopher Mitchell from all of us here at US 104.9!

We here at US 104.9 alongside UScellular want to thank all those hard-working men and women right here in the Quad Cities with our 'Hardest Working American In The Quad Cities' spotlight. If you know someone who truly works hard in the QC, just like this Bree you can learn how to nominate below.

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About Christopher

CJ is a hardworking father of four. He works his tail off, and I definitely can understand that hard work, he is a fellow early riser. He wakes up at 3 AM to kick his day off.

The Nomination

Here was Christopher's wife's nomination.


Debra went on to say,

 Christopher mitchell should be recognized. He is an extremely hard working dad of four. Even when he doesn't want to, he gets up and goes to work. He supports his children and provides them with the best he can every time. From 3am mornings to 18 hour work days, he never stops. If you ask him, he will tell you he does it so his kids can have all they need. As the mother of 2 of his children, I can say I am extremely proud of all the hard work he does, on and off the clock, to be the best father and person he can be. Cj works for b n b drain tech in Milan il as a pumper driver. He loves all things food, tools, and hanging out and having a good time even if it's just a bonfire at his buddy's house. He deserves this recognition because he never gives up.

How To Nominate:

Each month we will pick a person to visit on the job and thank them for their hard work. We pick these QC residents based on your nomination. We all know someone who gives it their all. It can be a family member, partner, friend, or just someone you know who deserves to be recognized. You can nominate them below.

Click here to nominate!

Winners will take home US 104.9 Swag AND $100 Cash. Thank you to Christopher Mitchell for all that you do from US104.9 and UScellular.

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