Another HUGE thank you and congratulations to this month's 'Hardest Working American In The Quad Cities!' (two amazing people this month.) Mark and Shari Mangels from Blue Grass Iowa!

We here at US 104.9 with What BBQ want to say thank you to all those hard-working men and women right here in the Quad Cities with our 'Hardest Working American In The Quad Cities' spotlight. If you know someone who truly works hard in the QC, just like this nominee, you can learn how to nominate below!

About Mark & Shari

These two are hardworking Americans who kept a strong family, and dairy farm for 30 years! It was an honor to meet them!


It was so great to set them up with her own unique prize basket and that $50 gift card to What BBQ.


You can see last month's winner and their prizes here.

The Nomination

Their daughter, Shawna Mangels nominated them. She said,

I would like to nominate my parent's Mark and Shari Mangels of Bluegrass, Ia. They milked dairy cow's for over 30 years and have finally been able to stop. They continue to work the farm with beef cattle and crops. There isn't a day they aren't outside working yet they make time to help watch my 3 year old daughter on top of it as I am a nurse with crazy hours. Milking cow's was a family affair and such hard work, winter's were awful outside freezing but it had to be done. There's no taking a day off when you just aren't feeling it. I'm grateful to have grown up on the farm it taught me so much and made me who I am today even though most day's were awful. I believe they deserve this nomination so much and they would be incredibly honored. Thank you so much for considering them.

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Now It's Your Turn To Nominate

Each month we will pick a person to visit on the job and thank them for their hard work. We pick these QC residents based on your nomination. We all know someone who gives it their all.  It can be a family member, partner, friend, or just someone you know who deserves to be recognized. You can nominate them below.

To put a spotlight on these amazing Americans, What BBQ and US104.9 will be selecting a member in the QC to win a $50 gift card to What BBQ, a swag bag from US104.9, along with $100 in prizes!

How To Nominate:

Click here to nominate!

Thank you to these two for all that you do from US104.9 and What BBQ.


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