It's cool, frosty morning.

1 - Road conditions are slick this morning thanks to fog that is freezing on our roadways. Sunshine will arrive this afternoon. Forecast details are here.

2 - Lane changes will begin on John Deere Road this week as construction winds down for the winter. Read about how traffic patterns will change here.

3 - The Festival of Trees gets under way this week with the parade coming up this Saturday. We'll run through some of the Festival events when we do That Entertainment Thing at about 8:35am.

4 - Three more KIIK Cash Codes are coming your way today. 7:20-ish a.m., 12:20-ish and 4:20-ish p.m. When you here the codes, enter them on our website for your chance to win up to $5,000.

Have a great Monday.

- Craig

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