As e-learning really gets going across the Quad Cities students will be learning all the important information to turn them into successful adults.  But maybe not everything.  Which is why you can take this moment of home learning to continue to teach them about finances.

In the below guides you can gain materials and knowledge on how to teach your children about the differences of credit and debt.  Sometimes both of those words can be scary to adults and kids alike.  But if you understand the use and value of them, it's easy to put them in there place.

We all use and need credit.  For some of us it's what we do to keep ourselves going everyday.  For others, it's what they use to become millionaires.  "It takes money to make money."  While debt can also seem bad at first, there are different kinds of debt.  The bad, over your head, can't pay it back, oh no kind.  Then there is the good, house payment kind.  Teaching your children why having credit and debt and knowing how to use them properly can set them on there way to a financially secure future.

Now is the time to get teaching them!  Use these guides and take advantage of their time at home.

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