The new KIIK 104-9 is coming up on its first birthday. The original KIIK 104 aired in the Quad Cities from 1972-1989, and during that time blazed a trail with Spike at the Mike, and a contest that nearly disabled the entire Quad Cities phone system.

As my wife was going through a scrapbook yesterday, she came across a newspaper article from the afternoon edition of the Rock Island Argus from April 28, 1983. The article, titled 'Radio contest jams Q-C phone lines' describes how a contest by KIIK 104 earlier that morning to give away a car came close to crashing the entire phone system.

Spike himself said on Facebook last night that "I remember that morning," as I'm sure many who worked at the phone company at the time do as well.

Maybe we should scare up another Renault Alliance to give away.

Craig Michaels / Townsquare Media
Craig Michaels / Townsquare Media

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